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I often wonder what it would feel like to have my First Blood Novels made in movies. I would be over the moon. Although this is only a dream, I love to dream and I have envisioned the actors that I would love to play the characters in my vampire series. I know some people think vampires are so last year but I love vamps. Yeah I love zombies too but vampires have been around forever. The weird thing about writing novels is sometimes the initial actors you had in mind when writing can sometimes change. There was only one actress that remained constant in my mind while writing book one through book three of the First Blood Novels. The first book started with the main character Emerald Adams. After seeing the movie Cloverfield, I instantly saw Canadian actress Jessica Lucas as Emerald. Jessica doesn’t have green eyes but that’s what contact lenses are for.
Then there are the beautiful blue eyed blonde brothers, John Adams (the golden boy) and William Adams (the conqueror). I always saw Paul Walker as John but William has changed a few times over the course of the series but then by chance I saw a few episodes of One Tree Hill and I fell in love with Chad Michael Murray. I wrote this blog entry before the death of Paul Walker. Since he was the only personal I viewed as John Adams it was strange to hear of his death. It was like my character died.
Since my vampires never age it’s hard to find actors that can look young over the duration of my books. I’m sure I’ll have to pick younger actors in a few years. Didn’t realize it would be sooner than I thought with the death of Paul. Maybe John Adams can be Alex Pettyfer and Colton Haynes can be William Adams. It’s a thought. I cannot imagine replacing Paul Walker.  
Now for the Adams children, Elliot, Cottonella and James. I saw Nicole Lyn in the movie Feasts of All Saints and thought see was perfect for Cotton. Then there was the handsome and extremely beautiful Elliot. No doubt I saw Zac Efron. He is just so pretty it’s ridiculous so that was a no brainer. Zac Efron’s co-star in High School Musical is who I saw as James, the one child of Emerald and John that couldn’t pass for white.

Here are a few more key characters as I saw them in the series. First the two alluring vampires in the woods that turned the brothers into vampires, Rosario Dawnson as Simonetta and Kate Mara as Taddea.

Lance Gross as CT/Cutter, the artist and William’s best friend and vampire blood brother.
 Ke Ke Palmer as Stephie Adams Elliot’s mistress.  
Cynthia Addae Robinson as Kattie/Katalena Smada, vampire attorney.
Nick Denbeigh as Revelus the Vietnam vet vampire.

Selena Gomez as Rosa Marino the Catholic schoolgirl.
Lyndsey Fonseca as Paris, Stephie’s daughter.
Kevin Zegers as London, Elliot’s son.

Jesse Williams as Princeton Smada. Kat and William’s son.





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