Thursday, December 19, 2013


“Embrace it, for it will embrace you.”

It’s been quite a while but I’m back with another blog post. This is my first author interview for my paranormal vampire series The FIRST BLOOD NOVELS. There are three books so far in the series with a fourth book to be released in the summer of 2014. These interview questions come directly from my Facebook friend Kim Curry who is a fan of the books. If you are a fan of historical vampire novels with interracial and multicultural romance then you may want to check them out. The questions make sense to all the readers that have read the first three books in the series, BIRTH, AFTERBIRTH AND REBIRTH.

1.      Will there be more full black women in the First Blood Novels? Kattie/Katalena Smada and Stephie are fully black but Emerald is mixed. Sade the Capi-sapien is also fully black. Sade is African but since she is a fox maiden she has the ability to change her outer appearance. Since William has a witch on his payroll I am thinking of bringing more witches into the stories. If I do this they probably with be African American. Now that Elliot is without a wife and mistress he may get another love interest and we know he has a thing for black woman that dates back to slavery.

2.      Is Stephie really gone? I’m sorry to say that Stephie is really gone. She was banished to Iceland for fifty years but she wasn’t killed. There is always the possibility that she will come back. Fifty years isn’t that long for a vampire.

3.      Does Stephie hate Elliot? No she doesn’t. Stephie loved Elliot too much and that’s why she killed Penelope. She didn’t think she would get caught but she is not an Adams blood relative. Elliot gave her the vampox gift but she is sort of common-law married into the family she doesn’t have Adams human blood like her daughter Paris who exposed her in the end.

4.      How could Emerald truly stand back and not have at the least strong words about Elliot marrying one woman and keeping a mistress? Emerald was born a slave although she is now a vampire Elliot is her beloved son. Cotton is her beloved daughter. Emerald’s other son was hung by racists and she spoils her living vampire children because of the death of James. The family views them as special because they are the first human blood and vampire blood children. They are the first of their kind in the Adams family. Anything they do would be overlooked for that reason. Plus vampires live outside of what is morally just for humans.  

5.      Will Elliott meet and fall in love with another Black Woman? I’m sure he will. He is disgustingly handsome and has a thing for Black woman.

6.      John has many secrets and is not the guy everyone thinks he is. Will his secrets come to light? Will they affect Emerald? John’s secrets have a way of spilling out so I’m sure they will continue to do so. His secrets have already had a tremendous effect on Emerald. She would have never gone to visit William if John had not kissed Sade. 

7.      Can Emerald trust her feelings for William? Is she falling in love with him? I think William really loves Emerald. Can he actually be faithful to her? It would be best that Emerald not trust her feelings for William. William is emotionally unstable. I’m sure Emerald loves William but her 100 year bond and marriage to his brother further complicates this.

8.      I think William really loves Emerald, does he? William loves Emerald in his own twisted way. He had evolved since his days as a human. I believe he thought he loved Polly Milford, Elnora and now Emerald but William is damaged from the love he feels he never received from his mother.

9.      Can William actually be faithful to Emerald? He had never been faithful to anyone. At this juncture William is loyal and faithful to CT. They share a vampire blood brother bond and they are closer to each other than they are to any woman.

10.  Is Emerald the key to William having a baby? I’m sorry to say that Emerald is not the key to William having a baby. At the end of book three we learned that William actually has a blood human/vampire son named Prince. This revelation may or may not stop his quest to procreate through scientific means.

11.  What’s up with the DNA questions when William and his doctor are trying to make a baby? As it stands two vampires cannot make a baby. A vampire man and human woman cannot make a baby. Vampire woman are in a state of suspense so there eggs cannot be fertilized by the human or vampire man. William has yet to realize that he has not exhausted all his options when it comes to procreation.

12.   Will you show more in-depth intimate scenes between William and Emerald and their growing their relationship and attachment to one another? Yes but since William has a new relationship on the horizon with his grown vampire son Prince. The next book will explore William’s ability to be a father. He made Cotton a vampire and views her as a daughter but he has to share her with John. That has always left a bad taste in his mouth. William has always forged a strange relationship with the strega Mia. In the next book there will be a lot of William's antics because there are a lot of unanswered questions where he is concerned. He still has yet to capture his enemy Legentino. Plus he is now the Vampire King of America. His plate is full for the next book.

Thanks Kim Curry for your interview questions. I will try to get the fourth book of the FIRST BLOOD NOVELS out by June 2014. Look for updates at my blog and on


  1. I am so #TeamWilliam! I honestly do not care for a union between him and Emerald because I don't think it would be a happy or a lasting one. She is bonded to John in more ways than one, and William deserves a woman who is all about him. I would looove to see him and Kat find their way to one another. She is time enough for him. She's smart, feisty, independent, and sexy in her own way. Like William, she is also emotionally scarred going back to her days as a slave. These two damaged people would be good for one another, and they have a child together so that's another dynamic to add to their pairing. Just my ten cents...

  2. I am #TeamJohn in this one. I loved the relationship between the to. I hope Ms. Lake go back to the hot love scenes between those to instead of Em and William..I hate William with Em..

  3. Forgive me because I hadn't Thanked You for taking the time out to answer my questions. Team William or Team John? It's really hard to pick one because they both are very different men who to me make One. William holds a passion for Emerald that I don't think John does or ever will. And he allows himself to really feel with her. I like that part of him as well as the Terrible.But now I'm left in thought over William & Mia's relationship because he's oddly being filled there some way as well. John has become some what of a Punk. Let's face it he's always been a poetic sap and I really really love that about him. But I waiting/hoping to see a Dirrty side to John. I'd like to see him get down with it and create some shit. I'm not too invested in Kat. I felt there wasn't enough of her for me in books 1-3. However I do like that she is very feisty and takes no shit off William, but I can't forget how in love she is with Cutter.Kat/William.. Kat/Cutter.. I'm left wondering over that.
    P.S. I'm hoping to see the Beauitful Elliott in some troubles over the his love for Black Women.... Again thank you for taking the time to answer my questions... Kim Curry :)