Monday, October 5, 2015



Just in time for Halloween the Touch The Dark Box Set is out and available for purchase. What is Touch The Dark? 12 Fantasy, Sci/Fi, Paranormal Interracial Romances from 12 Bestselling Authors.
He lingers in the shadows, eager to caress your soul.
Hushed whispers call out to you, luring you toward the darkness.
Beneath the wavering fear, a fever rises within. Lust, ecstasy…
Don’t be afraid. Before death, pleasure is guaranteed.
Close your eyes, reach out to the unknown…

Here's the list of the authors and their novels in the box set. There's something for everyone in this box set and it's only 99 cents. So be sure to get your copy.
Angel Rising ~ LaVerne Thompson 
"To live, she must feed her hollow soul."

Silent Screams ~ Yvonne Nicolas 
"Torn Between darkness and light, can Rayne save mankind?" 

Nylora's Fate ~ Serenity King 
"Unleashed passion has led Nylora to a fate unknown." 

Sable ~ Dariel Raye 
"Orderly attorney, fiery sentinel wolf, made for each other." 

A Kiss of Ashen Twilight ~ Rae Lori 
"Worlds collide when a Nightwalker and Fae fall in love." 

Homebound ~ Ursula Sinclair 
"We don't belong here."

With Friends Like These ~ Stephanie Williams 

"With friends like these who needs sex toys?"

Hunter's Hit List ~ Lolah Lace 
"Hunt or be hunted."

AngelBorn ~ L. Penelope 
"He gave up eternity for love… and lost."

Birth ~ Krystell Lake 
"Everlasting life comes with a price… her freedom."

Spirited Away ~ Ines Johnson 
"The trip to find herself led out of this world."

The Alphas & Olivia ~ Bria Knight 
"Two males, one female, what's a werewolf to do?"

Here are the links for the box set.


Monday, August 24, 2015



I have been gone for awhile working on the books I have in my other pen name. I promise I will have new books in 2016. I am parer of an upcoming interracial paranormal romance box set with a few lovely and talented authors. The box set will be released in October. Jus tin time for Halloween. I will keep you updated.

**CLIFFHANGER ALERT** This is book one in the Fox Brothers Series trilogy.

Someone has a vendetta against vampire hunters. Famed vampire hunter Scar Buckley finds herself entangled in the center of a battle between vampires and hunters. She is determined to fight for her life. She needs help from the infamous Fox brothers to ensure she lives to see another day. Scar finds herself in a steamy romance she never saw coming while her ex-boyfriend stalks her. Will she live to see another day or die in the hands of her vampire enemy?Hunters Hit List is an Interracial BWWM Paranormal Romance. This novel is approximately 33,000 words long.

Vampire hunter Max Fox is brooding over the loss of the Scarlet. He takes a job with this brother hunting a demon in hopes that it will lead them to Vampir. Max gets a glimpse into Ryan’s past possession. As they uncover clues they realize they are closer to the case then they would have ever imagined. An unexpected guest rattles the brother’s sensibilities. Will the Fox brothers see another day when they have so many enemies hot on their trail?

Please stay tuned for the last book in the series.

Krystell Lake :-)